Nicki Minaj's Stylist Jerod McClairn Talks Dressing the Barb.


Its no secret that Nicki Minaj has transformed her look in a major way this year.

Since joining her glam squad in November, McClairnwho has also lent his sartorial know-how to Tracy McGrady, Penny Hardaway and Brandon Jenningshas become the visionary behind creating the Queen Barbies current look. He credits the 17 years in the entertainment industry as his preparation for his first foray into switching up a clients image.

Vixen caught up with the stylist-slash-fashion designer as he talks about working with the new face of Myx Fusion.

VIBE Vixen: How has it been working with Nicki Minaj?
Jerod McClairn: Working with Nicki has been really good. Were just trying to expand upon her current style and have it evolve and mature but also have it be honest to who she really is at this time.

How have her fans responded to her new look?
Weve had so much positive feedback. Her image definitely highlights that she is a woman, a very attractive woman, with a great body.

How did the collaboration actually come about?
Nicki and her previous stylist had parted ways somehow and it was unexpected. I was available and it all went from there.

Did you think it was a lot to take on?
Yeah. I was like, I dont understand what theyre looking for. My strong suit isnt really her creative direction for her image, so I wasnt sure how it was going to pan out. My agent just encouraged me to do what I do and do what you feel is right. Thats what I did and it was well received.

Where do you get your inspiration from to dress her?
As a stylist, when youre dressing a person, youre really dressing that persons personality. Of course dressing Nicki Minajthe artistis different from dressing Nicki Minaj for American Idols twogenres and aspects of her career. I use fashion as a tool to do thatI keep in mind the current trends, but it pretty much comes from her.

Do you style her mostly for her videos or public appearances?
I do most of her public stuff. Sometimes, if Im prepping her job already, shell call me with certain request thatll be just for her regular every day stuff, but I would say, yeah, I do everything.

Dope. Whats the favorite look youve done for Nicki thus far?
The color block [Herv] Lger dress [paired with] Christian Louboutins Black/White Watersnake Daf Mary Janes. Its the epitome of a collaboration between the two of us. Its a real honest statement as to who she is and where she is right now as an artist.

Im sure you two disagree on what shell wear.
Im a professional so Im accustom to working with celebrities. Our job as professionals is to know how to maneuver through. At the end of the day, as long as shes getting what she needs, youre not going to have a problem out of her.

Source: Vibe Vixen.

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