UMG Reservation of Rights

The following express reservation of rights is made by Universal Music Group (including Universal Music Publishing) including all owned or controlled subsidiaries and affiliates (“UMG”).

Without prejudice to any reservation of rights that UMG may have made or may make elsewhere, and without prejudice to UMG’s rights at law or otherwise, UMG reaffirms and confirms: 

  1. that any access, use, copying, reproduction, extraction, distribution or exploitation of  content owned and/or controlled by UMG, now or in the future, including audio or audio-visual recordings, audio-visual works, artwork, metadata, photographs and musical compositions (including lyrics and/or other associated literary works) (“UMG Content”) for any purpose (including, without limitation, for the training, development or commercialization of an AI tool, technology or system) is expressly prohibited, to the fullest extent permitted under any applicable law, without express consent in the form of a written license; and
  2. that, except to the extent that rights are expressly and specifically licensed or authorized by UMG in respect of UMG Content, UMG expressly reserves all rights in respect of the use of UMG Content, including without limitation in relation to text and data mining, to the fullest extent permitted under any applicable law in any country of the world, including, without limitation, under Article 4 of the European Union Directive 2019/790/EC.

Any unauthorized use of UMG Content unreasonably prejudices the legitimate interests of UMG and its artists and songwriters, and conflicts with the normal exploitation of the UMG Content. 

UMG Content may be identified through publicly available means.