Got drunk with the GIrls last night!!!


cuties!!!!! website was down all morning, sorry about that babes. Today is not only an off day but a rainy off day which happens to be one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. The rain makes me feel so dreamy and somber...feels as if the rest of the world is running in slow motion and maybe, just maybe, I can catch up with my thoughts. Feels sexy sometimes too depending on if youre in love or in lust at the time... Love...lust... which feeling would u rather feel? What IS love? I mean...I know I loved my little brother the day i held him in my arms for the first time...but why...I wanted to protect him from the world, but why? Why do we feel the need to protect what/who we love? What is love? Do we confuse neediness, lust, comfort, status, opportunity, control, manipulation... with love? Is love one thing or a combination of many? Why do ppl say pain is love? Id never want a person I love to feel pain...or would I? Dont we spite those we all the time? Do we hurt those we love? why? because they hurt us? so maybe love is a game? people refer to life as "the game of life" sometimes. Maybe "love" is a level in the game of life...the last and final level...where you fight til the death...

Rambling thoughts is good for a writer...sometimes u finish the thought, sometimes u dond imagine that if I finished all my thoughts, the mystery of life would lose its edge. Is there some fascination with blurry thoughts? I mean...being intoxicated feels "blurry" right? People seem to like that feeling. Do we really want clear, clean cut answers or do we want the chase...the challenge...the revelation of who we are and what we are to sneak up on us later on down the line one day when weve happily made every mistake there was to make...Isnt that why most ppl feel uncomfortable in church? Wed like to ignore the truth wouldnt we? Ignorance is bliss isnt it? Rambling again...

Im glad u guys like #TwerkIt... =)

Its important not to be too "deep" in this day and age I suppose...The more stupid you act in the entertainment business, the more society praises u. The biggest hoe, the biggest drug addict, the biggest and best IGNORANT mind seems to garner the most attention...ah well...lets toast. Grab a bottle of MYX barbz!!! Lets just blend in...I guess...God forbid you talk about religion, politics, or gays in this great "Freedom of Speech" country...God forbid u have an "unpopular" opinion. And again, rambling...

ok...my darlings, I love you. Never fear your thoughts. And never ridicule another man for his thoughts. Healthy conversation...we must have healthy conversation.

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