*just looks at u*


Hey cutie patuties!!!! Whats up??? so...I really wanted the "surprise" to come out yesterday but it will 1000% be out today... in about 7 more hours =) I know u guys will love it! Treated myself to sleeping late today but Im back on my grizzly now... Testing out some makeup ppl, going to dinner with the fam and writing as well...(still feature stuff). Really wish I could take my neices with us tonite but theyre on a strict 9pm sleep schedule so Ill probably have to see my little bugs on the weekend...thinking about taking all the kids to Great Adventures or something..and No barbz, ur not allowed! I said the KIDS!!! LMAO. Well maybe I can choose a cpl responsible barbz to be my assistants for the day...*ponders on that while realizing Im really hungry*...so yeah, anyway, I smell so good... oh yea, I am gagging over the new perfume that comes out for the holiday season...i rlly hope u guys like the smell, its sooooo fing sexy. I am really addicted to it...u guys will like the name as well...and when u see the bottle...there will be an uproar. lol...oh wow, just thought about the mess that was my timeline yesterday regarding MYX...lmao. No, dont blame me!!!

SO, Ive decided to get an email for my twerk contest...so listen out for that info later today...Im going to go put on some clothes now... *kisses u*

Go easy on yourself today. Youre your toughest critic, and thats fine to keep you achieving in life, but give yourself a break today. Youre perfect! Youre loved! If by no one else, by ME! ;p Dont you ever forget that ok barbz? *just looks at u*

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