California-Based Music Company Backs Statewide Ballot Initiative for Public Schools’ Arts and Music Education

SANTA MONICA, April 19, 2022 –
Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, today announced its support for the statewide ballot initiative to increase funding for California public schools’ arts and music education proposed by Californians for Arts and Music Education in Public Schools. UMG is based in Santa Monica.

“UMG is proud to support this essential initiative,” said UMG Chairman and CEO Sir Lucian Grainge. “Music education supports all education – it fosters reasoning and skills that are the building block for learning other subjects. This measure is critical not only for education and learning, but also to mental well-being and even the state’s economic health. Companies like ours, that moved to California to be at the nexus of entertainment and technology, rely on a skilled workforce to fill the high-quality jobs we create here. If enacted, this initiative will ensure a future job-ready workforce and secure California’s position as the global epicenter of music and the arts.”

“This effort will create a brighter future for public school children and help make sure the workforce in media, technology, and entertainment better reflect the diversity in our schools,” said Austin Beutner, the former L.A. Unified Superintendent and founder of Vision To Learn, who is leading a coalition of educators, artists, musicians, businesses, community groups, labor, entrepreneurs and arts organizations in support of the initiative. “This will lead to the largest investment in arts and music education in our nation’s history. We are delighted to have the world leader in music join us in this effort.”

The Arts and Music in Schools measure, which is expected to be considered on the November 2022 ballot, will provide almost $900 million in additional funding each year for arts and music education in every PreK-12 public school in California – without increasing taxes. Funding, which will come from existing state revenues and budget surplus, will be used for a wide range of arts and music education, including traditional music, visual arts and performing arts, computer graphics, animation, coding and costume design. Additional funds will be provided to schools that serve students from low-income families.

In order to qualify the initiative for the November 2022 ballot, Californians for Arts and Music Education in Public Schools must collect 623,212 valid signatures from registered voters before June 30, 2022.

Studies show that arts and music education play a critical role in children’s education and development – improving cognitive development, reasoning, and language acquisition. Arts and music education also correlates with higher student achievement in reading and math, and it leads to increased school attendance. Unfortunately, barely one in five California public schools has a full-time arts or music program. Participating in the arts is especially vital now to support students’ mental well-being amidst the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

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