Built on industry-leading cloud technology, UMPG Window provides songwriters and clients with unparalleled earnings data, insights and analytics

SANTA MONICA, February 18, 2020 – Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), a leading, global music publisher, today unveiled UMPG Window, a next-generation royalty portal that provides UMPG songwriters and clients with instant access to clear, complete and real-time earnings and data. The UMPG Window app can be installed on iOS and Android platforms.

Available on mobile and computer devices, UMPG Window is a state-of-the-art solution that empowers clients with 24/7 access to all of their royalty information. With several one-of-a-kind features in its intuitive and customizable program, the portal provides comprehensive views of where, when and how songs are consumed around the world.

Using the latest in cloud-indexing technology, the system is unparalleled in offering information on a highly-granular level. Available in both numeric and graphic representations, clients will instantaneously view earnings by work title, accounting periods, territory, digital service provider, income source, income group, income type, local/international and more.

UMPG Window features customizable view settings that provide tailored information snapshots based on user preference. Royalties are available through high-level overviews or detailed reports with deep analytics and insights. Upholding UMPG’s reputation for having best-in-class technology, UMPG Window provides not only society registration information but also registration status and full song copyright information on all works.

John Reston, EVP Global Administration at UMPG, said, “In designing and developing UMPG Window, our team worked closely with our songwriters and clients to best understand what they most wanted from a world-class, fully transparent portal and app. This kind of collaboration is a reflection of how we do business: our songwriters and publisher clients are partners in everything we do. We will always keep innovating to better the lives of our writers and support their songs, and that is why UMPG continues to raise the bar for the industry.”

In addition to its advanced functionality, UMPG Window delivers comprehensive, real-time data in a sleek, intuitive and simplified user experience. Designed with simplicity, the portal has an intelligent and modern aesthetic, as well as clean and colorful data visualizations that change based on search filters.

UMPG circulates international income on a quarterly basis to all UMPG affiliates, accelerating international income to all of its songwriters and clients. The portal launch also sees the introduction of a brand-new international royalty ‘pipeline’ feature, enabling users to preview and access earnings as they are received around the world. Building on its popular one-click advance feature, UMPG Window now offers the unique ability for clients to request no-fee advances based on both current period earnings and international pipeline earnings.

The only royalty portal to provide detailed Film and TV information, UMPG Window shows production data via high-level snapshots or detailed reports, with comprehensive information on works used and royalties earned. View settings can be customized to see royalties by production, type of usage, cues territory, work code, duration, linked works for each production and more.

Mark Coltman, EVP Global Technology at UMPG, said, “UMPG Window is a testament to our commitment to building and delivering the best, most scalable systems in music publishing. Our guiding principle was creating a resource that empowered our songwriters and clients to easily access meaningful, usable and accurate data. We are so proud that the resulting application – functionally rich with superb, instant analytics – will be an outstanding, valuable tool that exceeds all expectations.”

In 2007, UMPG became the first major music publisher to launch a pioneering online royalty portal. The development established UMPG as the market leader in this space and strengthened its best-in-class publisher offerings.

With the advent of UMPG Window, the company continues to uphold its high standard for offering industry-leading administration services combined with the best technology in music publishing. This groundbreaking system reflects UMPG’s longstanding commitment to integrity, trust and transparency for its songwriters and clients.