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Hilversum, The Netherlands, May 11, 2023 — Universal Music Group N.V. (“UMG” or “the Company”) today announced the results of its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“AGM”) held earlier today.

The following resolutions on the AGM agenda were adopted with a majority of the votes cast, including, among others:

-a positive advisory vote on the 2022 remuneration report;

-the adoption of the 2022 financial statements;

-the re-appointment of Sir Lucian Grainge as Executive Director;

-the approval of a supplement to the Executive Directors Remuneration Policy in respect of Sir Lucian Grainge;

-the re-appointment of Sherry Lansing and Luc van Os as Non-Executive Directors;

-the appointment of Haim Saban as Non-Executive Director; and

-the appointment of Ernst & Young Accountants LLP as external auditor for the financial years from 2023 up to and including 2025.

The resolution for the re-appointment of Anna Jones as Non-Executive Director was not adopted with the requisite majority of the votes cast. Anna Jones’ current term runs until the close of the AGM to be held in 2024.

The proposal to adopt a final dividend of EUR 0.27 per share was also adopted. With the interim dividend of EUR 0.24 per share that was paid in October 2022, this brings the total dividend for the financial year 2022 to EUR 0.51 per share. The following timetable shall apply with respect to the payment of the final dividend:

May 15, 2023: Ex-dividend date;
May 16, 2023: Dividend record date; and
June 6, 2023: Dividend payment date.

Detailed voting results from the AGM will be made available on the Company’s website within 15 days, as required under the Dutch Financial Supervision Act.

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