Label created to support China’s global film industry, Kelvin Hou appointed as CEO

First release soundtrack to the highly-anticipated forthcoming film – “My People, My Homeland” 

Universal Music China also announced the launch of Hi! Movie music, China’s first original online series dedicated to the promotion of movie and TV music. The pilot debuted featured performances from Lang Lang, Chen Chusheng, Sa Dingding

(From left) Chusheng Chen, Dingding Sa, Garand Wu, Kelvin Hou, Ning Luo

BEIJING, AUGUST 13, 2020 – Universal Music China,a division of Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, today announced the launch of Magic Muses, China’s first label dedicated solely to film soundtrack and score, created to support China’s global film and TV industry.

The first domestic label to be launched by Universal Music China in more than a decade – Magic Muses will work closely with local artists and composer talent to create bespoke musical works for high-profile film and TV projects in China. In recent years, China’s film and TV industry has expanded rapidly, it boasts the largest number of cinema screens per country in the world, and has ranked as the world’s second-largest movie market in terms of box office since 2012, behind only the U.S.

The launch of Magic Muses will firmly establish the label as the definitive and authentic home for film soundtracks in China, providing musical excellence and promotional impact for future box office releases, partnering to raise the reach of projects domestically and abroad.

The label will be run by veteran film marketing executive Kelvin Hou, who has been appointed as CEO, effective immediately. Hou was previously the founder and former CEO of China’s top online movie database & community Mtime. The label will be based in Beijing, at the heart of China’s film industry.

In making the announcement, Sunny Chang, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Greater China, said, “The launch of Magic Muses shows UMG’s strategic commitment to helping further raise the awareness of Chinese music culture and creativity globally. In the future, the label will play an important role in helping Chinese movie and TV music reach new audiences around the world, thanks to UMG’s unparalleled global network of labels and support. We look forward to working alongside the Chinese film industry collaboratively to create projects that will help firmly establish the genre in China.”

Garand Wu, Managing Director of UM China, said, “Magic Muses is the first music label to be launched by Universal China in the past ten years, and the first label dedicated to Film and TV soundtrack and score in China to be set up by a major international music company. As the fastest growing movie market in the world, there is a great opportunity for our industries to collaborate across this previously neglected genre, in order to reimagine the commercial and promotional opportunities that music can add to film projects. It is our vision to help redefine film/tv music production and to make Magic Muses the most respected and recognizable home for Film & TV music in China.”

Kelvin Hou, CEO Magic Muses, said, “Magic Muses will be devoted to creating  an open and sustainable platform to bring together local talent from music and the film and TV industries, help them to share ideas, exchange resources and produce quality works to engage new and wider audiences globally.”

The company also unveiled its first collaborative film project, which will see Magic Muses produce and release the original film soundtrack, as well as provide musical promotion and marketing for the forthcoming film, My People My Homeland, a highly-anticipated anthology with legendary filmmaker Yimou Zhang as the chief executive producer, will be released during China’s National Day holiday on Oct 1, 2020.

Revolving on the theme of showcasing China’s beautiful landscapes, the film gathers renowned directors Hao Ning, Zheng Xu, Sicheng Chen, Fei Yan, Damo Peng, Chao Deng and Baimei Yu together for this highly anticipated project. Considered the “dream team” of Chinese filmmakers, these directors have grossed a combined box office in excess of $5.7 billion USD. For the soundtrack, Magic Muses’ musicians will create imaginative and expressive original pieces, influenced by the distinctive culture of the five provinces featured in the film.

Speaking on the project, Garand Wu said, “Some of the world’s most successful musical works are rooted from local culture and history. As a great country, with a long history over 5,000 years, China’s culture and diversity of landscapes will be a treasure trove, that can provide countless inspirations for the soundtrack.”

In addition, Universal Music China also announced the launch of Hi! Movie Music, China’s first original online series dedicated to the promotion of Chinese movie and TV music. The first episode debuted online on August 12, featuring Lang Lang, the globally celebrated piano virtuoso signed to UMG’s Deutsche Grammophon, hugely popular singer Chen Chusheng, who shot to fame for winning the 2007 hit show Super Boy, alongside performances from Sa Dingding.

“One of the charms of cinema is the beautiful and dramatic atmosphere created by music, which helps the audiences to authentically catch the essence and spirit of the story. Personally, it would be quite difficult to imagine a film without music,” said Lang Lang. “I often picture a video clip, something that is like a scene in a film, while I am playing the piano. Music and cinema are necessary and important to each other.”

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