LOS ANGELES, CA, April 24, 2007 – Vivendi Visual Entertainment (V V E), the home entertainment division of Universal Music Group Distribution is continuing with the rapid expansion of its product line into the children’s DVD market with popular public television show, Mustard Pancakes. The multi-year agreement with Mustard Pancakes will cover a series of theme-driven (holidays, favorite songs, etc) 60-minute DVDs culled from the show. The first installment of the series is expected in September, 2007.

Mustard Pancakes, created by Joel Wertman and Courtney Campbell, is a television series for children, featuring the loveable and talented Ms. Campbell, her cat, Mr. D., and her three dogs, Oogleberry Ink Dog, Tiny Tina Ten Toes and Mo. Each episode mirrors a slice of everyday life, from problems to celebrations and everything in between. It is music-based with original songs performed by Ms. Campbell, who supports the show with concert performances.

“In keeping with our mandate of providing the highest quality in marketing, sales and distribution, we have actively sought out the same standards in the types of projects we represent,” commented Yolanda Macias, Vice President of Business Development and Acquisitions, V V E. “We’ve found in Mustard Pancakes a television show that is beloved by toddlers and is a stand-out in its field. We couldn’t be happier that one of our first forays into the children’s home entertainment market is with this outstanding product.”

“Vivendi Visual Entertainment has become synonymous with outstanding quality,” said Mr. Wertman. “I’m proud to have them represent Mustard Pancakes.”

The show was created with the cooperation of outstanding veteran public television puppeteers, writers, musical composers & consultants. The series, in its second season, strives to empower children to become thinking, feeling, caring people who are ready and able to contribute to the world around them.

About Vivendi Visual Entertainment

Vivendi Visual Entertainment (V V E), a division of Universal Music Group Distribution (UMGD), has become a leading force in home entertainment and a favorite choice among independent producers of films and top independent studios. The company’s goal is to provide the highest quality of marketing, sales and distribution services. V V E’s select product line features family, comedy, foreign, Latin, urban, fitness and theatrical releases. Studio partners include Bauer Martinez Distribution, Bodywisdom Media, Codeblack, Film Mates, First Independent Pictures, Freestyle Home Entertainment, Melee Entertainment, New Light Entertainment, Palm Pictures, Rising Entertainment, RuffNation Films, Salient Media, Uwe Boll Productions, Voy Pictures and Xenon Pictures. V V E benefits from UMGD’s award winning team and customer-centric culture. UMGD’s recent awards include American Business Awards, three consecutive NARM awards for Distribution Company of the Year and numerous retail awards. V V E’s website can be found at www.vivendivisualentertainment.com.