Vivendi Entertainment has partnered with Palm Pictures in acquiring US rights for the talent rich feature film “New York, I Love You.” The news was announced today by Vivendi’s president, Tom O’Malley and Palm’s managing partners Jan Korbelin and Marina Grasic.

“The talented group of directors and actors who have come together for this project are sure to make this a beloved film, not just for New Yorkers, but for all Americans,” stated O’Malley. “The film, whose centerpiece is love and whose thematic heart is New York City, will attract enthusiastic partnerships and sponsors, and offers endless opportunities to creatively reach audiences. Moreover, we are thrilled to be partnering with Palm on this project; we’ve enjoyed a vibrant and creative relationship with them over the last three years, and look forward to working with them to make “New York, I Love You” a success.”

“We are particularly pleased to be working with the Vivendi team to make “New York, I Love You” the latest success of what has been a long and productive partnership,” commented Korbelin “ Palm continues to pursue its vision in quality independent film and our relationship with Vivendi is an integral part of that process.”

“New York, I Love You” is produced by Emmanuel Benbihy and Marina Grasic, and is currently in its fourth week of shooting in the magically diverse city of New York. The deal was negotiated for Vivendi by Yolanda Macias, SVP of Acquisitions. Vivendi plans to theatrically release the film with Palm in early 2009.

“Vivendi and Palm provide the perfect combination for a film such as ‘New York, I Love You’,” added Benbihy. “The scale and skills Vivendi provides in combination with Palm’s support for the creative process are a dream for any producer.” Grasic added, “The uniqueness of this powerful film, coupled with the dynamic partnership of Vivendi and Palm, will position New York, I Love You for great success.”

The film’s production line-up was announced last week and boasts a who’s-who of names including Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson in their helming debuts. The film has been in the news for nearly a year acting as a magnet to many of Hollywood’s biggest names who have come together in an unprecedented manner. Among the cast confirmed are Hayden Christianson, Chris Cooper, Ethan Hawke, Natalie Portman, Kevin Bacon, James Caan etc. Emmanuel Benbihy, the brainchild behind the Cities of Love concept and last year’s Paris Je T’aime has created an anthology around the love theme that will portray many cities around the world – the celebration of love moves to America’s beloved city, New York in its second outing. Cities in Asia, South America and Africa are expected to follow next.

About Vivendi Entertainment

Vivendi Entertainment provides producers and independent studios a full array of distribution services, including theatrical releasing, home entertainment, digital delivery and television. Representing a vast range of genres including action, comedy, thriller, urban, family, fitness and stand-up comedies among others, Vivendi has been a favorite choice of independent content providers. Vivendi has built an extensive catalog of over 1,000 titles and its customer-centric business model was founded on the principles of collaboration and financial transparency.

About Palm Pictures

Founded by industry legend, Chris Blackwell, and headed by partners Jan Korbelin and Marina Grasic, Palm Pictures is an international entertainment company that produces, finances, acquires and distributes innovative audiovisual and motion picture projects. Palm has distinguished itself as a leader in the converging content, digital media, theatrical and home entertainment markets, and has solidified its brand as a highly respected film studio dedicated to bringing audiences quality independent and foreign motion pictures, music documentaries and arthouse cinema.

About “Cities of Love”

The “Cities of Love” franchise deals with love encounters around the world. It deals with human beings on all continents and promotes love between people above all differences. Its main concern is to share emotions through the universality of love. Each of the films in the franchise is based on diversity and cosmopolitanism. Based on an original idea by Tristan Carné, the feature-film concept and franchise were created by Emmanuel Benbihy. “Cities of Love” is being developed by Ever So Close, Inc. whose Managing Partners include CEO Emmanuel Benbihy; Vice-President, Pierre Asséo; and Vice-President, Laurent Constanty.