Cannes, January 28, 2008 – Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) and Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music (SACEM), the French Collection Rights Society, today announced they have signed an agreement to set up a joint framework for the licensing and administration of their rights for multi-territorial online and mobile exploitation in Europe.

Through this agreement SACEM and SDRM (Society for the administration of mechanical right of Authors, Composers and Publishers) will license and administer the online rights owned and/or controlled by UMPG together with those works from SACEM’s repertoire published by UMPG for the above uses.

Upon making the announcement David Renzer, Chairman & CEO, Universal Music Publishing Group, commented: “After a very careful and diligent process, UMPG, in following the recommendations of the European Commission, is pleased to partner with SACEM in this new arrangement. We fully expect that this new venture will benefit content users in simplifying their licensing process, as well as provide a major benefit to our songwriters and composers, by allowing for greater digital exploitation of their works.”

“I look forward to working closely with Bernard Miyet, Thierry Desurmont, Catherine Kerr Vignale, Claude Gaillard and the whole SACEM team,” added Andrew Jenkins, Executive Vice President, International, Universal Music Publishing Group. “I have no doubts that the SACEM/Universal Music Publishing Group alliance is best placed to meet all the many challenges of the digital future in Europe. I have great confidence that SACEM’s remarkable IDOLS system will facilitate the pan-European and multi-territory licensing and administration of our repertoire for the benefit of both users and the songwriters, authors, and composers we represent.”

SACEM and UMPG are committed to make this new framework operational during the second quarter of 2008. By this agreement, UMPG will benefit from the efficiency of the services rendered by SACEM and SACEM will take advantage of a close cooperation with a major stakeholder in the exploitation of musical works.

According to Bernard Miyet, CEO and Chairman of the SACEM Management Board : “In the fast-changing and challenging world of music, SACEM has for several years innovated to respond to major cultural and economic challenges. By signing this agreement with Universal Music Publishing Group, the world’s leading publisher, SACEM is demonstrating it’s commitment to offer the most effective service to the rights holders. SACEM is very proud to participate in this alliance, together with such a reliable and powerful partner, in order to develop a very efficient framework for the licensing on-line in Europe, in conformity with the European Commission requirements.”

Thierry Desurmont, CEO of SDRM adds : “SDRM is very satisfied to participate in this framework facilitated by IDOLS, an extranet tool unique in Europe, created by SACEM for pan-European contracts. IDOLS enables real-time monitoring and exchange of data and documentation for sales declarations. Online content providers can use IDOLS to report and transmit information on the number of works downloaded.”

This agreement will make a significant contribution to establishing a coherent and efficient framework for the licensing and administration of online rights in Europe, as supported by the European Commission. It will allow rights holders to control the administration of their rights and receive appropriate remuneration for the exploitation of their works while giving users the simple and secure access to protected works they require.

To achieve this result, SACEM and UMPG are ready to cooperate with all the stakeholders, notably other collecting societies and publishers, who share this objective.

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SACEM is a non-profit membership organization for managing rights and royalties of authors, composers and publishers of musical works. Its primary mission is to collect royalties and to redistribute these equitably to rights holders. Founded over 150 years ago, SACEM was the first society in the world to represent musical rights holders. It has established itself as a key international player and a driving force in rights management. SACEM counts today over 118,000 members worldwide. It manages 32 million works.

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