April 27, 2007 – Mr. Kei Ishizaka, the Chairman & CEO of Universal Music K.K. (Japan) announced today the creation of Digital Sales/Marketing Group which is effective on May 1, 2007 to focus more digital sales.

Mr. Ryo Miyamae will be promoted to the head of Digital Sales/Marketing Group and have the functions such as Digital Business Development, Label Relations, and eSum (digital only label) under his management. He will report directly to Mr. Ishizaka.

Ryo Miyamae used to be the head of New Technology Media (NTM) and he is one of the most experienced digital geniuses. Also Digital Sales/Marketing Group being created, NTM completed its role at the UMKK and ceased to exist at the end of April.

Mr. Ishizaka said that he was confident that the new organization would help to focus our efforts on digital market and increased digital sales as well as accelerate further cooperation between physical and digital sales of our products.