Premium Music Video Programming Leverages Well-Known Artists and Established Audience Appeal

Santa Monica, California, November 20, 2000 – Universal Music Group’s eLabs (UMG) today unveiled the latest in broadband programming for music fans, an Internet music trivia game show combining Flash animation, high quality digital music clips, and interactivity built especially for the broadband environment. The groundbreaking new program, “Name That Jam,” is part of a four-month broadband initiative by the world’s leading music company to expand its innovative programming line-up by tapping into an established base of music fans who have high-speed access (

“Universal Music Group is the first major label to focus on the broadband space in a meaningful way,” said Larry Kenswil, President, eLabs, Universal Music Group. “Unlike some of the fledgling content providers who started from scratch with programming that was not supported by viable business models, our broadband programming is uniquely built around compelling content and artists for which there is already an existing audience and market.”

The witty and irreverent, “Name That Jam,” is the first interactive broadband game show in which players test their knowledge of current music across the genres of their choice, and score points by correctly matching hundreds of music clips from UMG’s most popular artists to album art, album titles, and artists. The cleverly constructed contest can be played either solo or in a multi-player format (two at one computer). UMG believes this program is uniquely suited for other platforms such as wireless and set-top box applications and plans to pursue development of these formats in 2001.

UMG‘s programming currently reaches 4.3 million households who have high-speed access (according to most recent FCC data released 10/31/00) and over 4.2 million college end users (October 2000) for a total of 8.5 million. The audience base for UMG’s efforts cover music fans or consumers from ages 13-50, which parallels the majority of DSL and cable modem households. Studies indicate that broadband users are far more likely to view streamed content (as much as 40%), and that they also tend to spend more time and buy more online than their narrowband counterparts. Moreover, Jupiter/Media Metrix data suggest that the overlap between “gamers” and Internet music fans is significant (65%) and creates undeniable appeal for this type of gaming concept in the high-speed access space.

“What we’re seeing is that if you give music lovers access to the content they want in a format which harnesses broadband’s unique abilities to deliver truly personal and compelling experiences, they will respond in impressive numbers and with increased usage,” said Lisa Farris, Senior Vice-President of Marketing for eLabs (UMG). “All the recent metrics on broadband adoption and usage reinforce our enthusiasm for expanding our broadband initiative and our confidence in the Internet’s role as a key vehicle for UMG music programming.”

“Name That Jam,” produced for UMG and eLabs by Los Angeles-based Trik:Media, is the latest addition to the slate of premium music programming launched by UMG on August 29th. UMG’s other broadband programs include, “The Viewing Lounge,” “I-View,” and “Music Spoof-o-Mercials.” This innovative content can be enjoyed in all the leading media player formats including RealNetworks, Microsoft’s Windows Media Format and Apple’s QuickTime. It can be accessed through RealNetworks’ RealGuide (, Microsoft’s Media Guide (, Apple’s QuickTime TV (, various DSL and cable providers, Excite@home’s (, Road Runner (, Sprint’s (, Winfire’s (, and through UMG’s eLab broadband portal at (

About UMG eLabs

eLabs is a division of UMG exclusively dedicated to exploring, developing, and evolving global business and new technology strategies. It houses an incubation group to develop new businesses internally, which can then be migrated to either existing operating units or new stand-alone divisions, Universal eLabs also includes comprehensive marketing and consumer research and a business development team to support all of UMG’s online businesses.

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