June 1, 2006– UMKK has launched the first “Chaku-Uta Full® plus Image”. This brand-new bundle product will provide three popular mobile content products, real tone, full track & image, to the consumers via a single download only. The first product made available was the Bon Jovi’s bundle consisting of greatest hit songs with special images shot during the band’s latest Japan tour, released on may 24th. Followed by a Snoop Dogg bundle, released today (May 31st). This included tracks from the album “R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece” plus image photos.

UMKK is planning to release this bundle product for both international and domestic repertoire regularly. At the same time, UMKK is expecting that the product named “Chaku-Uta Full® plus Image” would contribute towards expanding the mobile contents market.

“I believe this product will be able to show new possibility of our music business” said Ryo Miyamae, Senior Manager of Universal Music Mobile Japan. “Technology will continue to give us opportunities to create new products, therefore I think we should continue to add new value to Universal Music’s great frontline and catalogue repertoire.”