– SDMI Standards Allow Digital Music To Be Available By Winter –

Universal City, California — July 19, 1999–In support of the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) standard, Universal Music Group has announced that it will make a broad array of music available to and compatible with next generation portable devices from a series of top consumer electronics companies. SDMI Compliant Portable Devices from Matsushita (Panasonic), Toshiba, and RioPort, Inc. are expected to be in the marketplace this winter. Universal is developing software that will provide compatibility with a number of music distribution systems and is working closely with these companies to make Universal’s music available for their next generation portable devices.

“This is an important first step in recognizing the tremendous potential of the digital music market,” commented Larry Kenswil, President, Global E-Commerce and Advanced Technology, Universal Music Group. “Portability is essential for acceptance of new digital forms of music. With the new SDMI standards for portable devices now in place, we are excited about working with these consumer electronics companies to make our music available for each of their products and give music fans a great consumer experience.”

“We at Matsushita Electric (Panasonic) are delighted that Universal Music Group, our strategic partner, is offering its excellent music content in support of the development of an entirely new way for consumers to enjoy digital quality music at any time and place of their choosing. As one of the world’s premier manufacturers of digital products, from DVD to digital and high definition television, we are confident that there will be a great demand for this new category of portable music playback devices,” said Ronn Richard, President, Panasonic Home and Commercial Products Company and leader of Panasonic task force.

“We are pleased to be offering consumers SDMI compliant portable devices and to be a part of this exciting new approach to delivering high quality music content,” said Masao Suga, General Manager, Home Digital Products Division, Toshiba. “We look forward to having a wealth of music available which will help build the marketplace and give consumers a great experience.”

“We are pleased that Universal recognizes our advancements in developing state-of-the-art Rio digital audio players,” said David Watkins, President of RioPort, Inc. “Universal’s support of our future SDMI compliant Rio devices will deliver popular music to our customers, helping to move digital audio into the mainstream.”