Universal Music, Mobistar launch pre-paid service for young consumers

BRUSSELS, January 30, 2006 – Universal Music Group, the world’s largest music company, and Mobistar, one of Belgium’s leading telecommunications players, are joining forces to launch a pre-paid consumer offer designed for young people, Tempo Music, which integrates mobile telecommunications, music and multimedia.

Tempo Music will make its debut in Belgium on February 1, featuring a mobile prepaid card, a music portal on WEB/WAP, a radio station, and a series of innovations linked to the world of music and entertainment. Its unique, user-friendly platform has been created to meet the expectations of a young, music-loving customer base.

Tempo Music is a partnership between Mobistar and Universal Music Mobile Belgium, which is part of the mobile division of Universal Music Group International. In addition to its attractive terms for voice and SMS use, Tempo Music includes a comprehensive set of features dedicated to entertainment and mobile, available through various platforms:

Exclusive content, news and contests linked to music and entertainment;

Hosting of customer blogs, which can be personalised by users with their own content, together with Universal Music content; Multiple phone personalisation features, including realtones, logos, greetings and voice cards from customers’ favourite artists; Regular games and contests with such giveaways as CDs, concert tickets and more; Tempo Music Station, an exclusive radio station available through podcasts in a variety of music genres, accessible online 24/7 via Internet and mobile.

Tempo Music is a strategic project for Mobistar, intended to differentiate its consumer offering for the 16-to-35 demographic, which offers strong development potential for the group. Erick Cuvelier, Head of Marketing at Mobistar, explained, “The quality, quantity and appeal of the content offered by Universal Music make Tempo Music a unique product. Their expertise in reaching young, music-focused fans represents a real advantage for us in attracting and retaining those young consumers, who often have high expectations. Being associated with Universal Music will be a key success factor for Tempo Music.”

Dirk de Clippeleir, Managing Director, Universal Music Belgium, added, “Young people are spending less money on our traditional products, such as CDs. However, their interest in music remains as strong as ever. That’s why Universal Music is looking at other media to reach them. Tempo Music gives us access to what is close to their hearts: mobile communications and music.”

Cedric Ponsot, CEO, Universal Music Mobile International, said, “After France, Belgium is the second step in a major, worldwide strategic development for Universal Music. This will take us into deeper partnerships with mobile operators, to provide a full telecom offer and not only traditional products. We found in Mobistar the perfect match – a partner which understands that music is the best content with which to target young consumers.”