LOS ANGELES, CA – October 1, 2008 – One of Hollywood’s top multi-dimensional entertainment content providers, Polychrome Pictures Inc., proudly announced today that it has officially signed a distribution output deal with Vivendi Entertainment for the dissemination of all Polychrome Home Video, VOD, mobile and internet based content. Founded by a dynamic team of entertainment veterans, Polychrome Pictures is no stranger to industry success; however, aligning with an entertainment superpower like Vivendi Entertainment for content distribution has instantly put them in a position to expand their business. Polychrome co-founder Geno Taylor commented, “Vivendi offers a one stop shop distribution home, Theatrical, Mobile, VOD, Cable TV and Home Video. They perfectly compliment our three-year plan. I’m excited about the relationship and look forward to serving independent filmmakers, in all media, on a major studio level.” “Vivendi is dedicated to providing the very best in distribution services to our partner companies,” said Yolanda Macias, SVP, Vivendi Entertainment. “We are thrilled to work with Polychrome and their varied slate of exciting feature films.” Polychrome co-founder Danny Rodriguez offered, “What a tremendous opportunity for Polychrome to elevate visibility for our brand and our work. Aligning with a distribution machine like Vivendi compliments our content and our vision beautifully…we are beyond thrilled!” This fall, Vivendi Entertainment will release Polychrome’s first two DVDs under the new deal. The first is the highly anticipated film “The Game – Life After The Math,” which is based on the incredibly tumultuous rise of multi-platinum hip-hop artist Jayceon Taylor aka The Game (October release). The second release will be “The Best of The Homies Hip-Hop Show”(season 1), which is based on the figurine collection of the same name. To date, the figurines have sold over 250 million units worldwide while the show “Homies…” is aired on LATV and is their #1 show.

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About Polychrome Pictures

Polychrome Pictures is a multi-faceted home entertainment producer and distributor with an eclectic line up of quality titles in the genres of drama, comedy, horror, urban, music and special interest. With a prolific release schedule of 10-12 features yearly, Polychrome content is exclusively distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Vivendi Entertainment.

Launched in June 2005, Polychrome consistently finds and utilizes the brightest creative minds around the globe in an effort to preserve the soul of independent filmmaking and expose the masses to creative flavor often overlooked by the Hollywood machine. The collective entertainment experience at Polychrome Pictures spans several decades, which has enabled the company to learn from the past, while impacting the future of the overall entertainment experience.For more information about Polychrome Pictures, visit http://www.polychromepictures.com. About Vivendi EntertainmentVivendi Entertainment provides producers and independent studios a full array of distribution services, including theatrical releasing, home entertainment, digital delivery and television. Representing a vast range of genres including action, comedy, thriller, urban, family and stand-up comedies among others, Vivendi has been a favorite choice of independent content providers. Vivendi has built an extensive catalog of over 1,000 titles and its customer-centric business model was founded on the principles of collaboration and financial transparency.