Alejandro Sanz Surpasses More than 10 Million Followers on Twitter

Alejandro Sanz has become the most popular Spaniard on social network Twitter. With more than ten million followers, Sanz ranks at #1, topping influential Spanish institutions such as the football clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid, as well as global sports icons such as Andres Iniesta and Gerard Pique.

His official Twitter profile's popularity is due in part to the artist's constant interactivity with fans. He shares information with his followers regarding his views, projects and concerts on a daily basis. In addition to the constant communication that he maintains with his fans, his Twitter profile continues to grow with approximately 6,000 new people following him on a daily basis.

The artist demonstrated his gratitude towards his fans and followers around the world as he published a special message and animation on his official Twitter page: http://bit.ly/14PEFbq

Alejandro continues his non-stop pace as his international tour continues throughout Spain. The artist will head to Mexico for a concert on September 7 in Guadalajara and returns in October to perform at various cities throughout the month. Furthermore, Sanz will perform a special acoustic session for the Latin Grammy Academy, an annual event which strives to support and expand Latin music beyond its traditional boundaries in Mexico on September 5.