/// UMG Mobile Content Download Service FAQs

FAQ Topics

Getting Started

1. What mobile content services are provided by Universal Music Group?

Universal Music Group artists provide fans a way to purchase a single piece of mobile content such as a ringtone or wallpaper by texting in a keyword to 30303, clicking on a link from an artist’s website, clicking on a link on a mobile website, or selecting a ringtone from an artist’s voice line for the piece of content. 30303 is the number you receive the content from on your mobile phone.

Additionally, Universal Music Group’s labels and artists may have mobile subscriptions that allow you to get multiple pieces of content for a small monthly fee. Here are links to some of the services that are available today:
www.movihits.com – Latin ringtone subscription

2. How do I download ringtones and other mobile content?

If you are presented with a keyword on a CD insert, TV or other advertising:
1. Create a new text message on your mobile phone
2. Type in the keyword as the message on the phone and send it to the number 30303
3. Follow the message instructions to confirm your purchase and download the content to your phone. Depending on your phone, a text message will be sent to your phone with the download link OR your ringtone will download automatically.

You might also be presented with ringtone options when you call an artist’s voice line. Listen to the preview of the song and choose the number for the ringtone you want to download. You will be sent a text message to your mobile phone with instructions on how to purchase and download.

3. Will the service work on my phone?

Please verify you have the appropriate messaging and data plans from your mobile carrier or enough credit on your pre-paid phone. Your phone should be open to premium content for the messages and content to get downloaded correctly. Please check to make sure your handset is compatible with the service before using or subscribing. Click here, for a full list of compatible phones.

4. How much do mobile downloads cost?

In general, ringtones and wallpapers cost $1.99 each plus any additional messaging or data charges from your wireless carrier if applicable. Content is sold “a la carte” unless you are purchasing a subscription which varies in price. Charges will be applied to your wireless carrier phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance.

If you receive a coupon from an artists’ promotion or one of Universal Music Group’s partners’ to download content, you will get the content free of charge however any additional messaging or data charges from your wireless carrier may still apply.

5. Which carriers work with Universal Music Group mobile content services?

The services currently work on select mobile phones from AT&T, Alltel, TMobile, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless. We are working on compatibility with other US carriers.

6. How do I pay for my purchase of a ringtone or other product?

Purchases are automatically charged to your wireless phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. You are only billed for purchases which you’ve successfully downloaded to your phone. In these cases a confirmation text message will be sent to your phone for the amount that will be charged.

Download Help

1. How do I download content to my phone?

Depending on your phone, ringtones and other content items will be delivered to you through an SMS message that will include a link. Go to the link on your mobile phone by clicking it or choosing “Go To” or “Use Detail- Web address” from your phone’s menu. The exact method depends on your mobile carrier and device type. For assistance with downloading, email support.umg@m-wise.com or call 1-888-211-9702 and provide specific information about your device type and mobile carrier.

2. I can’t download. What do I do?

In order to download content, you must have an internet enabled phone and have a data plan with your mobile carrier. Please contact your carrier to activate a data plan before using the service.

3. I have a data plan but still can’t download. What can I do?

Please check to make sure your handset is compatible with the service before using or subscribing. Click here for a list of compatible phones.

If you still are unable to download, please email customer service at support.umg@m-wise.com or call 1-866-658-4043

4. What should I do when the download arrives on my mobile phone?

After the download is complete, you will be prompted to store or save it. If you want to use the downloaded ringtone as your default ringtone or set your new wallpaper as your phone background, change your personal settings. Many mobile phones will provide the option to 'store as default', which will set your new download immediately as the default.

5. How long should it take for me to receive my download?

It can take several minutes to receive your download depending on carrier data traffic. If you are not in an area with wireless reception, messages containing your download may not appear until you go to an area with reception.

6. Can I transfer my downloads to another mobile phone?

At this time, you are unable to download your content to another mobile phone.

7. Will my downloads expire?

As long as you keep the mobile phone you saved your downloads on, your downloads will not expire.

8. Can I preview a ringtone before I download it?

If you are texting in a keyword to 30303, you will not be able to preview the ringtone before you purchase. If you are purchasing from a website or mobile internet site, just select the Preview Icon to preview the song.

Glossary of Terms

Alert :Customized text message sent to your mobile phone on subjects you choose, such as artist info or music news.

Carrier :The provider through which the customer purchases cellular or wireless service, also referred to as an operator. AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint are some examples of carriers in the United States.

Keyword: Normally used with Shortcodes, Keywords are a unique string of letters and / or numbers that identifies a particular mobile product such as a ringtone or action such as subscribing to artist alerts or entering into sweepstakes.

OTA: OTA (Over-The-Air) refers to the way in which content is downloaded wirelessly to a mobile device.

MMS: (Multimedia Message Service) Send a photo or other content using your mobile phone. This is how some ringtone, wallpapers and other Universal Music Group mobile content is delivered to certain carrier mobile phones such as Verizon Wireless.

Ringtone: A ringtone is a short tune that plays from your mobile phone when you receive a call.

Shortcode: A unique string, much like a phone number, that identifies a provider of premium services to mobile phone customers. The GETMUSIC mobile shortcode is 30303. You can text a unique keyword to this shortcode to receive a specific product.

SMS: (Short Message Service) Send or receive short mobile messages (normally 160 characters in length) using your mobile phone. This is also known as "Text Messaging" or “SMS Texting”.

SMS Texting: The act of sending a text-based message using a mobile phone.
Wallpaper: A wallpaper or graphic (often used interchangeably) is an image file which you can save to your phone and set as the background image which you will see when you open your phone or go to your "home" screen.

WAP: Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a protocol for transmitting data to your mobile phone. WAP is the mobile version of the Internet. Many mobile phones include WAP browser software to allow users access to mobile Internet WAP sites.

WAP Push: A text/SMS message containing a url (browser address) that allows a user to easily "go to" the target destination. WAP Push is a very common method of delivering the product you have ordered onto your mobile phone.